How to open a male escort agency?

In some countries, it is totally legal to open an escort agency and deal with clients that need escorting services. Most escort agencies offer women escorting services but there are some agencies that deal either with male and female sex workers or male sex workers only. Let’s find out some points that you need to know about escort agencies.

1. The agency’s services:

The agency provides the following services:
• It arranges a meeting between the sex worker and the client. There are different kinds of meetings. The meeting at the client’s place or a hotel is an outcall meeting, at the escort’s place is an in call meeting. It differs in the price.
• It provides long-term escorts for holidays, travels or business trips.
• It may book for your flights and hotels too.
• It maintains the health of its escorts by regular check-ups.
Dealing with an agency is better for both the client and the escort. It may be more expensive than independent escorts but you as a client will guarantee the quality of its escorts. While as an escort, you will guarantee the flow of the business.

2. How to choose escorts?

Well, you can easily make an advertisement in a local newspaper or a magazine and interview the applicants. Male escorts should have certain characteristics; he should be good-looking, diplomatic, non-judgmental, a good listener and of course open to sexual services.
The good agency will have escorts of different ages and shapes to meet the needs of every client.

3. Advertisement:

 Now the agency has hired a male escort and wants to advertise him. This is how you can do it.
• The escort needs a professional photo session that must show his characteristics.
• These pictures will be used either to post on your agency’s website or to circulate among the clients.
• The website should have galleries for every escort. It is a male escort agency so the clients are both males and females and this requires a lot of pictures to have an influence on both males and females.

4. Legalization:

In some countries, the agency is allowed and you can easily have a license to run a male escort agency. To protect your agency from being shut down by the law enforcement, you need to know everything about the arms’ length principle.
Whatever will happen between the escort and the client, it is out of discussion through phones or e-mails for more security. Prostitution is a serious crime in the countries that prohibit it.

5. The financial situation:

There are several points to be considered here.
• The price of the escort varies according to his attractiveness, the number of clients he work with, and many other factors.
• Not all escorts are equal.
• The agency charges the escort in two ways; a fixed price for each client or a percentage.
• The price may differ according to the season and the flow of clients.

Well, working in the sex industry is not easy. Male escorting is a growing business especially after the recent laws that give the homosexuals their rights in addition to acceptance them as a part of the society who have the right to live their lives the way they want. Just know everything about the business before starting your agency.

Male Escort in Different Cultures

Male escort and homosexuality are linked in many societies. Regardless that fact that male sex workers can offer their services to women too, societies assume that if you work as a male escort then you are a homosexual. Societies differ in their reactions towards male escort and subsequently homosexuality so let’s explore some areas in the world and see how different communities react to both of homosexuality and male escort.

1. Africa, Muslim and Arab worlds:


Homosexuals in Africa, Muslim and Arab worlds are demanding their legal, social and health rights that include the right in treatment, special care and HIV prevention in the recent few years. Men who have sexual intercourse with men in these worlds are stigmatized for being homosexuals so imagine the situation when they work as male escorts. Religions prohibit homosexuality and consider it a sin and in Islamic countries, homosexuals are not even welcomed and considered a danger to the society.
Gays and lesbians suffer in such societies so imagine the life of sex workers.
They are subject to abuse, harassment and violence by everyone in the society even law enforcements. Imagine the situation if a male sex worker has HIV and he can’t go to a hospital because he will be stigmatized with homosexuality and sex work and will be dismissed and may get arrested too.

2. China:


Most of male escorts in China consider it as an occupation. They migrate to the big cities to participate in life and look to their bodies as a source of income.
Male escorts in the Chinese society are looking for sexual pleasure, freedom and self-improvement. They seek for better lives and that is why they do escorting as it will give them the proper amount of money to live the lives they want.

3. Latin America:

Everything is different here. Latin escorts advertise their services for both males and females in most cases. It is rare to find this male to male escort while in Europe and North America; it is easier to find a male escort that only provides sexual services to males.
That is also why studies show that HIV and sexually transmitted diseases are among males and females equally. There is also a huge difference between the Latin male escorts and the rest of male escorts in the world. Due to the poverty and unemployment in such societies, straight guys may work in the sex industry too. The governments in these societies allowed gay marriage so they relationship between males is not a stigma and it makes the atmosphere suitable for working in the sex industry without the fear of law enforcement and the accusations of prostitutions.
Due to poverty and bad economic situation in these countries, a special program for male sex escorts’ health and wellness is so hard to be done but health education about the dangers of unprotected sex and the danger of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases is doing fine in reducing the cases.

These are 3 large communities that are involved in the sex industry. It is a growing business in the whole world especially with the claims of giving homosexuals their full rights.

Mental Health Issues and Male Escorting

imagine this story; a client hires a male escort after communicating with him on a gay website. The client was 36 years old and the escort was only 18. The client paid the escort to participate in satanic rituals. The client then is found killed by stabbing and the killer is the escort. A picture in a famous newspaper with a report that portrayed stereotypically the client and the escort were published and read by the public; the escort as an old, mental and criminal young man and the client as a sugar daddy.
This is a true story that was published in the New York daily news in 2012.
This story shows you the image of the male sex worker that was always associated with illness, danger, addiction and crime.

This image is changing recently due to the academic researches and popular culture that consider homosexuals as normal persons who have the rights to live in the society without discrimination and the regulations of sex work as a source of income. This change is helping the society of sex workers especially male escorts to have their rights in health and financial services.

Researches in the field of mental health of male escorts have shown two main points.
• The personal impact of participating in the sex industry which is a highly stigmatized activity and how male escorts resist and manage stigma.
• The prevalence and correlates of mental health problems, physical health problems, sexual risk behaviors and experience or history of victimization.

Stigma, HIV infections, violence and other causes make the male sex workers more vulnerable to mental health problems. These poor mental health outcomes are associated with the chronic stress and social marginalization that are experienced by the male sex workers. In addition to that, they have nearly no access to any kind of social support from their loved ones who in most cases do not know anything about their stigma.
In a case study that was made on 30 male escorts working at an escort agency, 14 of the 30 escorts were reported with psychological problems that need psychiatric care. Street-based male escorts have higher rates of mental health problems. A study made on a sample of 32 street-based male escorts reported that about 17 of them were diagnosed with severe depression. The suicidal thoughts too are so high among male escorts with mental health problems.

Other mental health problems are common among male escorts. Substance addiction helps male escorts to encounter with clients and make them able to cope with the negative feeling they have due to work in the sex industry.
There are also studies that link the male escorts’ mental health problems with their experiences of child abuse during their childhood but these studies are not clear enough as they cannot establish a causative relationship between child abuse and adult sex work. Also the high rates of violence experiences among male sex workers by clients, law enforcement and others are similar to child abuse. 25% of street-based and online male escorts have experiences violence.